Extend the opportunity for retroactive rewards

Your rudeness betrays your wisdom 0 0 0 0


Má nó bực mình :angry: ra cái nguyên tắc quần què này

Dude how dare you talk to the community members like that? ‘toddler’? is that they way you talk to the members?

This not a Telegram or whatsapp group chat! this is a discord project server! u understand?! there is a section called ‘Announcement’ and any important happening goes to this section to make sure every single person can read and understand it. of course in English language not any other!


its obvious that you got some tokens and you dont want others come in, those who DID the tasks, FILLED the feedback form and are EARLY MEMBERS just because you are thinking about the amount you gonna get!

I have a suggestion for you. this world needs peace and love. let’s play fair!

This is just a metaphor. “A child asks an adult to feed him”
I wanted to let other people in, just made it clear how important it is to follow the rules
But you didn’t come for a whole month before March 10, and now you come as soon as the time has passed. Is this a coincidence? Or trouble? Have you been offline for a whole month?

Giữa chúng ta là hố sâu ngăn cách giữa văn minh và man rợ

I can understand that many people add late, and then not enough time to brush, of course some people suffered a loss of volatility, but the vote I will still give them a chance. The same circle, a little more understanding, and this small number of people will not cause a big throwback. For those who do not brush, I think it is more important to look at the frequency of his speech, to see if he is really concerned, if it is really concerned, but not enough time, I think it is possible to give the opportunity. Because we are a community, we need to embrace everyone, and their mistakes are not very big, the official also have certain mistakes, so I hope to give them a chance.

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Yep need for someone have chance . Because we’re try distribute this project

There was no official announcement on the discord, I gave my feedback to the project, helped it fix bugs, but did not receive my reward, because I had to constantly monitor the chat in the discord, is this normal?

I think it’s your own fault for not claiming their tokens in time for personal reasons, ask yourself if you don’t come to swivel discord for a month, do you really care about the community? So I strongly disagree with the extended time to unlock, if it is extended then I can also argue that people who got key nft in early test feedback didn’t have time to interact on the main network and should also be delayed? Do you guys think I’m right? We are not children, we all need to think about things rationally and not just from our own perspective.

Agree with your point of view

I think it is reasonable to give another opportunity to claim the retroactive awards but it should be on different terms to those that unlocked on time.

Perhaps requiring a higher volume of n-tokens to unlock each SWIV? Original terms were 2500 of n-token volume to unlock 100 SWIV.

I would be in support of a proposal that extended the unlock period until the end of the current epoch but required trading 10000 n-tokens to unlock 100 SWIV.


i agree to have another chance for unlocking our tokens and have another chance to get our participating reward as swivel commiunity ,please give other guys who have done testnet and other activities another opportunity

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Mate its not about being a child or not! the fact that the time was not announced in the announcement that is why most of the people have lost it.


Let’s appreciate what this dishonest blogger has to say. Before the deadline, he asked when the unlocked token expired, and JULIAN gave the answer


Also, did you know there were 2165 tokens on February 13th

Hey hey guys!

I really appreciate all of the passion on this topic. Its really important to establish the different viewpoints before anyone can even begin to move forward.

It seems like the conclusion insofar is that people generally do empathize with the fact that there were many who missed out on the unlock window.

That said, it also seems relatively conclusive that we should not just simply extend the unlock window, but look towards alternate methods of distribution, and/or reduced distribution amounts (with the remaining tokens to go to other user targeted communities)

I’m gonna be posting a separate thread for this discussion in a moment, with a few of the potential options that seem to be in favor of the community so far!


Conversation can be continued in this thread:


I totally agree, adding the whitelist is split up to 6 times in total. And my address was added the last time. it stopped even before I had time to trade. And none of this was announced. If this is a fair community, it should definitely give us another chance to trade unlock.

I don’t want to discuss the matter itself. Just want to discuss one thing: rules and consensus. A community must be protected by strict rules and defend the rules with a strong consensus. Like airdrops, this is a matter of decision, then we airdrop. This is the fulfillment of the promise. Maybe some people didn’t unlock them. But the airdrop is over. All other factors should be another proposal, not overriding the previous proposal. Try to come up with “new conditions to unlock for those who haven’t unlocked it.” Something like this. Instead, stop the entire community from moving forward.