Extend the opportunity for retroactive rewards

sorry my bad english, but i support Speedyparkins. he is right.
I used google translation sorry for translate my words.

Please lift the time limit and allow people who were not aware of the rules to attend.

i’m totally agree with Speedyparkins. we were there when the project need community and feedback for testnet . And now we need some help so we can receive our share of retroactive airdrop.
Also As a seafarer i should say not everybody has a proper internet all the time.

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Our apologies to those who did not unlock their tokens before March 10th. Because everyone has a month to unlock tokens. Because whether it is a Chinese channel or an English channel, we can find evidence that the deadline is March 10, and some people who do not understand will also ask about the specific deadline in the community. I would say that if you are an adult, you should find the answers you want on your own instead of letting someone feed you like a toddler.






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Well, Obviously, some people who have got the tokens don’t want more people to enjoy the privilege and benefit from the Airdrop. They wish they can get more profits from a higher token price and a less token holders. I don’t want to say it’s selfish, but I don’t think it’s reasonable.

Anyway, the token allocated to early supporters are a thankful and kind attitude from the project. The project wants to go and develop together with those early supporters. And it’s true that the project gave certain rule to unlock the token and set the time frame. They may fail to unlock and claim those tokens due to many reasons. Maybe they don’t know they need to unlock them by fulfilling enough trade volume. Maybe they are busy with other issues so as to forget. Maybe they don’t know how. And some more other reasons. It’s true they don’t meet the requirements to unlock the tokens.

Yet, the rules are not final. Since the rules are dead yet the people are living. From the aspect of the initial motivation of airdropping. I think it’s kind and necessary to give another chance for them.

The benefits of doing so is obvious. First, they will be more thankful for the project and give praise for this project. Second, they will be continual supporters from this project and may introduce more people to use and enjoy this project. Third, with more tokens in more people’s hand, the spirit of DEFI comes more close to reality. Fourth, we need a warm and active and humanization community, rather than a community ruled by cold rules. The extension of unlocking tokens will surely express this spirit.

The selfish seek to maximize his own profit, yet the kind ones seek to share with more people.

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But when everyone in list reward testnet you need Immediately notice for everyone
Need claim rewards need trade fuck to trade in live exchange to claim rewards
But still near date exchange live you just notice by mouth shit

I agree with you about this issue, and need rewards for tester of project . They try feedback and take time

People always have to wait until they lose it before they know how to cherish it.


Oh, get up for lunch


Rules are like laws in real life, and the rules of the community are the consensus of the community. Everyone has to obey or you’re gone.


Hi speedyparkins#8390

You saw your airdrop count (2165 SWIV) on February 13th and asked a question about the airdrop. There is still a lot of time until March 10. I don’t understand, have you delved into Swivel Finance?

very good :+1:
I support your opinion


Your project not specific about rewards in the first time for everyone prepare trade no notice

You and your team work not Professional no specific so long to build and everyone hope until lose rewards

You not notice out just by mouth shit

some people pretends to be just and clever, but in essence he is selfish and ugly. He don’t want to see others to get benefits. He only defend for his own profit.

The biggest rule is love, generosity and kindness.

If the project is as MEAN as someone, then nobody here is able to get token airdrop.

Airdropping itself is a kind of love and kindness.

Let’s extend this love to those who have been allocated with some tokens yet forget to unlock.

I am not defending for my own profit. I myself have claimed the tokens.

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We discuss one thing is to discuss one thing. Participate in discussions without adding anything else. (eg: love/kindness)

No one is mean here, it’s just that some people are more honest and some people don’t play by the rules.

You only need to state your opinion, but the community will have different voices
You need to know how to respect different viewpoints in your community

Your rudeness betrays your wisdom 0 0 0 0