Guarded Mainnet NFT Redemption

The core of our project is a growing community, without which we would not be where we are today. And as a reward for participation during the early stages of Swivel’s development, community contributors were given a Guarded Mainnet Key in order to access our initial guarded mainnet launch.

Announced here: Swivel's Guarded Mainnet Launch

Since that time (and now that our guarded mainnet is over), a lot of people in our community have asked whether they would be able to do anything else with their key!

There are a lot of potential options, but just to kick off some brainstorming:

1. Redeemable Swivel swag:
I think it might be a fun idea to create some redeemable swivel swag, I believe there were ~1500-2000 keys distributed, so any ideas that might work are welcome!

2. Redeemable for another Swivel themed NFT
Another mechanism that might be worth exploring could be an additional NFT that the key could be converted into. There are a few interesting ideas down this vein where we could even consider charging the NFT with interest through Swivel ourselves or a small partnership with our friends at Charged Particles

I would like to try to brainstorm more ideas with the community’s help! What do you guys think would be a good thing to do with the Swivel Guarded Mainnet Keys?

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I don’t quite understand the first article. What is it? Swivel swag

We could have a full NFT sale that would have an application on the platform. For example, additional percent of awards for providing liquidity.

We could make three types of NFTs:

  1. regular - give extra interest on the platform.
  2. Rare - give extra interest + commissions from other sales.
  3. Legendary - you can stake and receive rewards.

I haven’t quite worked that idea out lol. But I think it would be interesting.

The problem is that it might stand out too much from the style of the project itself. I guess selling NFT should be left for the future. I’ll give some more thought to the suggestions and post.

It would be fun if you create some other NFTs airdropped to those who have this mainnet key. In this way, both the new NFTs and the mainnet key will become valuable immediately. As of the new NFTs, some of them can be freely minted only for those who have the mainnet key. However for the rest, they will be offered at an initial price.

For example, you can plan to distribute 5000 NFTs, 2000 of them are freely minted, the rest 3000 are offered at a price at 0.01E in the beginning. And you can make a whitelist conditions for people to join. Only those whitelisted can participate in the mint for the rest 3000.

Thanks for your interesting information
I suggest creating swivel NFTs so that the community can have it as an active member.
Benefits can be considered for that NFT

  1. Participate in the purchase of a plot of land
  2. Participate in web3 games with specialized business partners
  3. Forming specialized groups to research competitors
  4. Discord expansion by ambassadors
    Note that each of these can be activated at different time intervals and can change depending on the crypto market conditions.
    In this way, rewards are considered for active people.
    People who with constant effort and a lot of follow-up decide to expand and cooperate with swivel.
    With respect
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We can leave them as a memory (as a symbol).

And by adding additional parameters (e.g. members of the guarded mainnet) can mint the new NFT.

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give holders the opportunity to claim their retroactive rewards, if they haven’t already done so :slight_smile:

I have such a key.But what’s the use for me, he’s lying idle.The team didn’t give me any awards, you’re not supposed to have a rock.The role of the early participant was then taken away and then given again.I will say this, I propose to distribute it to everyone who has made a contribution and has such a key, distribute it to everyone in the form of tokens, or make an nft collection and distribute it for free to everyone and create their value.

You just want to give something away for free. :clown_face:

reply for maxakyla hahah

Not everything needs to be given a value, better to leave it and focus on the protocol

What can I tell you Indian this is how I express my thoughts :japanese_ogre:

I may be from India ( maybe not ), but at least I’m not sitting here for free profit and am interested in the project. Whereas you just want a second wave of airdrop and sell all the coins quickly.