Potential Avenues for SWIV distribution

As they are early contributors and they deserve to get their award.

Unlocking tokens with reduced amount is a good option as they didn’t pay attention to announcements.

Other good option in my option is unlocking with increased threshold.

Including other potential target community will give a boost to this project.

Rest, I’m ok with community decision. :muscle:


no one has said that timeframe was not enough! we are saying that we did not hear anything about the timeframe as it had never been officially announced in the announcement channel! that is the problem!


no one has said that timeframe was not enough! we are saying that we did not hear anything about the timeframe as it had never been officially announced in the announcement channel! that is the problem!


I have a new suggestion
Unclaimed tokens can be checked
Members who didn’t claim tokens in the previous phase can claim their tokens in the new deadline
Finally the remaining tokens will be distributed among holders of SWIV tokens
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In this condition, for example war and covid and …the real mean of DAO should show himself,because too many people have problem to be updated


First of all I’d say I’m so happy for being a member of a project that community votes matter in it and always people voice can be heard! so greatful.

so I think we need to provide a second chance for the people who did not know about the timeframe and that did not claim their tokens, when the second chance period is over the remaining unclaimed tokens go to the holders or community treasury for the projects future plans.

I guess this would be the best way to resolve this.

thank you.


Sir, hope you are having a great time!

so I noticed that you said people didn’t pay attention to announcements.
I’d say there had never been any announcements regarding the timeframe for unlocking the tokens. so I think that those who did not claim have the right and deserve a second chance for claimings.
here is what I think: Potential Avenues for SWIV distribution - #19 by Freelancingco7


I vote for “Require ETH to claim and lock as liquidity for vesting period”

So how more than 90% of users found out about deadline? From the first day I new deadline. And others new it. I think when you were looking for arguments you were searching for the message in announcement channel, but you had a month to search in the Swivels community. Everyone who was engaged knew deadline.
I think best decision if Julian wants to be mercy - let you lock and give liquidity. Because all guys were loosing money when tried to unlock tokens until deadline. And now you want to get tokens and to sell them during first opportunity, and drop the rates. I think it’s bad idea

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thanks for hearing the community.
i vote for Simple unlock on our exchange with same amount and thresholds as before. all community members should be the same.


Hello, I suggest unlocking 50% without trading!!!
Not everyone has money to trade, but at the same time every early-contributer help the project
The remaining50% to leave the development of the project!!!
I think the good idea

It is certainly not worth alienating a significant portion of the community over the initial distribution issue. It looks like we should have a vote between the most common options referenced in the discussion as follows. Both of these options continue to benefit the protocol (as was the case with unlocking the initial retroactive distributions).

  • Simple unlock on our exchange
  • Require ETH to claim and lock as liquidity for vesting period

As for further communities to target to participate in our protocol in order to claim tokens we can consider a few of the following communities.

  • Element users
  • Notional users

We can offer a nominal token amount which requires trading on our protocol to unlock in order to raise awareness and grow the community.

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Hello there.

The most important rule of a project discord server is that any important announcement should be in the announcement channel.

If you are agree let me know and we can go forward and talk more about it.



I myself agree with you sir.


I completely agree. If anyone disagrees with your words, they should explain why there should be an announcement channel at all. It is clear that all important news and information should be included in it. and its not our fault .


It’s great that you care about what your community thinks

You know that there was not official for this topic (unlocking and…) and now it is very difficult to check every single chat in discord and every one has its engagements( different occupations and covid 19 and …), so people who did not realize the time of unlocking are not much different from people who have been, because both groups have tried to make the project better, and it is not fair to set any condition for these kind of people who did not realize that time.

My opinion is that it will be awarded in the same way as it belonged to the previous group, or if I want to choose from the announced choses, I choose this one * Simple unlock on our exchange (with increased thresholds) and thanks swivel team for this room and sharing our idea

best regard


krilegor8, i aggre with you

Dear friend
How did you find out that the person receiving the tokens was selling them at the first opportunity?
Your judgment is not fair! You are referring to 90% of the members who were aware. Are your statistics official? In addition, it is better for people who have hold tokens and support this product to participate in polls.
In any case, we are all here to gain a new experience.
Our writing should ultimately lead to the progress of the project, not just for personal gain.
With respect


Hi there, thank you for participating in the discussion, did know that those who could not unlock their tokens was just because they did not know they had to do it in a time frame?