RabbitHole & Galaxy Quests

While I generally dont think that every potential marketing opportunity should require its own vote, I would like to establish a workflow for large sponsorship opportunities, and in general gather the support of the community for our initial marketing push through user onboarding avenues.

Primarily I would like the community to give input/comments on:

Rabbithole: https://rabbithole.gg/
Your guide through web3 Learn how to use and contribute to decentralized apps, earning tokens based on your on-chain activity.

Rabbithole allows users to earn governance tokens for completing specific quests within your project. Users can be eligible for certain quests based on the skills that they have gathered, ensuring that relevant users are given quests that would be of interest to them, and the correct users are funneled to your project.

Project Galaxy: https://galaxy.eco/

Project Galaxy allows projects to create individualized spaces and quests within their space. Alongside these quests users can complete certain protocol actions, followed by rewards that are typically interesting project based NFTs. There is less filtering of users that are qualified for a reward, so generally the userbases are a bit less relevant.


I think rabbithole is better.Their user are interested in new defi project.Project Galaxy user more intersted in gamefi or DAO.But rabbithole seems update they product.Cooperation may be difficult and take a long time.


Im vote to Rabbithole

I vote for the Galaxy.eco
Because it is possible to identify experts
Communication via Galaxy can be two-way and communicates directly with community members
Good results can be achieved with thinking together
But Rabbithole.gg has a one-way environment and moves at low speeds
Maybe they update the site very little while the Galaxy is updated quickly and other projects on it are increasing every day.
I have seen and reviewed both projects closely

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Galaxy.eco is a more robust solution because count almost all interaction. I think both solutions will have a low effect on onboarding

I think we need to move towards high performance.
It is best to partner with ConsenSys or take advantage of their features for a video AMA meeting.
Their information is very strong and they have prominent business partners.
In this way the product is fully known.
The next solution is to hold a virtual concert on the Melos.Studio platform.
We must also have at least one virtual exhibition on Metaverse.

Im vote to Project Galaxy

I’m going to go with RabbitHole. The reason is that I think the participants have certain knowledge. I think this is an important factor. If you are a complete beginner, it seems a bit tough. Project Galaxy is for the very beginner, I feel.
The RabbitHole is for Defi and interacts with Swivel which is a slightly more complex design.

The problem is that we need to decide what influx of users we need: a fast big and not very high quality, or a slow small and high quality, but in small quantities.

Galaxy: a lot of people, more recognition, but mostly users who just want to get nft.

Rabbit: few people, less recognition, but they are users familiar with DEFI.

I vote for Galaxy, but with the condition that it won’t be so easy to get nft. They have to use our platform for that.

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The Arbitrum campaign, which will run on the Galaxy platform, means that the Galaxy is really well-planned.
Arbitrum and Galaxy

Arbitrum has top TVL at the L2 with about $3.61 billion

Introducing Project Galaxy (GAL) on Binance Launchpool! Farm GAL By Staking BNB, BUSD and CAKE
I think Galaxy.eco is the best platform for SWIVEL