Re-filling Uni-v3 Incentives / Incentive Review

Given our first incentive period is relatively short, there is a relatively short timeline for us to either approve an additional incentive program extension, or alternatively identify pain points and move to an different program.

Specifically we had some users (shoutout Mozuku) request the ability to do more with their SWIV/USDC or SWIV/ETH lp. This would mean the need to move towards a Uni v2 or wrapped Uni v3 (e.g. charm/visor) based program.

One other consideration will be whether we should continue with SWIV/USDC rewards or alternatively attempt to bootstrap SWIV/ETH liquidity. SWIV/ETH liquidity may be important for SSM functionality in the future, so these things should be considered when identifying the appropriate liquidity program.

Other suggestions that remain from our first discussion and proposal:

  • Uni v3 (extension)
  • Uni v2 / Sushiswap
  • Charm / Visor Finance (Uni v3 automated rebalancing)
  • OHM Pro
  • Ondo/FEI

Please get your initial thoughts in, we’d like to move forward with a proposal quickly so implementation can be prepared before the end of our first incentive period!


Uni v3 (extension) for SWIV/ETH rewards

would be much appreciated.

Extending the current Uni v3 program probably makes sense from a simplicity perspective (on both the development and user experience fronts).

Not sure any user would be able to “do more” with Uni v2 liquidity or a wrapped Uni v3 position currently (before these liquid solutions are added as collateral on a lending platform). Will that change?

SWIVEL/ETH is necessary

  • Uni v3 (extension)

I would like to build LM incentives that would engage new people. In conclusion, I don’t think new people will come to LM today. I think it’s worth a try. incentives are important for LPs, but it’s also important to bring people in.

  • Charm / Visor Finance (Uni v3 automated rebalancing)
  • OHM Pro
  • Ondo/FEI

I think ETH adds credibility and value to the product so SWIV/ETH is a great choice
It is really known about UNI3
Of course, I think check the Hashflow project as well
They operate at a lower transaction gas fee than UNI3, and I am interested in their mechanism

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Im vote Uni v3 (extension)