SIP (#001): SWIV Liquidity Incentive Program

Following our normal Governance flow of a Discussion → Proposal → Snapshot, I’d like to immediately propose we go ahead with a SWIV incentive program utilizing the Uniswap-v3-staker contracts.

This proposal follows the discussion linked here: SWIV Token Liquidity Incentives

It appears that the community seems to be in ubiquitous agreement that an efficient program utilizing uniswap-v3 is likely the most effective way to onboard liquidity at the least cost to SWIV stakeholders / community members.

That said, I will be posting a Snapshot proposal briefly to forward this proposal along and officially gauge community support once the SWIV token itself has officially launched.

Given all the interest I’ve prepared a fork of Ribbon Finance’s community / open source uniswap-v3 staker frontend, so the technical effort required is minimal.

Should this proposal pass, we will go forward immediately with a short term liquidity program and look to the community to help adjust rewards as we move forward.


liquidity providers should be rewarded for sure!

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liquidity providers should be rewarded for sure!