SIP (#005): SWIV Liquidity Incentive Re-Fill


Last month we launched a short term liquidity program for SWIV/USDC on Uniswap-v3’s 1% pool, with 125,000 SWIV tokens committed to the program. This pool has had moderate success with ~200k in liquidity, however generally speaking it appears we are slightly overpaying for liquidity.

That said, with the short time span until the incentives end, it may make sense to re-fill our Uniswap-v3 incentives, and perhaps reduce them marginally.


As a follow up to our previous proposal on the initial launch of our SWIV incentive program: Snapshot Vote

And our discussions around potential alternatives or re-filling of our incentives:

I would like to propose the commitment of additional SWIV tokens towards a 1-2 month liquidity program on our Uniswap v3 SWIV/USDC pool.

Given the current pool held a roughly ~400%+ APY for the entirety of the duration of the program, it may make sense to reduce our incentive commitment by roughly 50%. Others have similarly seen reductions in incentive commitments have minimal impacts on liquidity itself, and doing so ensures a more stable emission of SWIV tokens from our treasury.


This proposal will be a straightforward vote to support, oppose, or to abstain the commitment of roughly ~60,000 SWIV tokens per month towards liquidity incentives for the next 1-2 months alongside continued emission reduction for further plans.


wonderful idea! i think your mind is very good.

Agree, reduce the rewards. But do something to improve the visibility so more will provide liquidity

I disagree, yes we overpay a little, but there is liquidity all the time and without interruption. It’s worth it.

it is necessary to stimulate.

I think it’s better to switch options!
Usually, the first and second options are selected in the voting!
Isn’t it better to change the first and second options to check the result again?

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