SIP (#010): New Staked ETH Market Launch


In context of the recent success of our stETH market, we will be launching a new maturity for staked ETH assets, and generally also be looking towards adding more staking assets in the future across EVM compatable chains.

That said, we have a number of growing options for staking partners, many of which would love the opportunity to reduce their exposure to volatility and offer fixed-yield staking.

The top options are:
- Lido
- Frax
- Rocketpool
- Ankr
- Other

For a brief overview of each, see below:

Current APY: 5.0%
TVL: $10.4b

Lido is generally seen as the de-facto staking derivative with the vast majority of the market share. That said, the lido APY has not been competitive with the wider market over the recent month.

Current APY: 6.37%
TVL: $221.6m

Frax uses a bifurcated design which ensures stakers always benifet from higher APYs that competitors. The margin stakers benefit from depends on FXS incentives to fraxETH liquidity providers and as such this benefit may not scale over time.

Current APY: 3.93%
TVL: $1.12b

Rocketpool uses a split design to incentivize the creation of new nodes, however has also seen difficult scalability and non-competitive yields for those not running nodes. That said, rocketpool provides the most sustainable design from a decentralization perspective.


With the context provided above, we are asking the community to identify our ideal staked ETH integration partner (for now), for the immediate relaunch of our stETH or other market launch.


Your options will be:

  • Lido stETH
  • Frax frxETH
  • Rocketpool

Who is the ideal partner for our immediate staked ETH market launch? Leave your thoughts below and/or in our discord, and vote at