SWIV Liquidity (Without Rari)

SWIV Liquidity Discussions

We had previously discussed the transition away from Uniswap-v3 to potentially more easy to access programs, as well as programs that would in general require less active maintenance from the community.

One of our communities leading options had been a Uniswap-v2 program with the utilization of something like the standard masterchef contract, or, what everyone seemed to be in most favor of, a Uniswap-v2 program in tandem with a custom Rari pool (allowing our LPs to access liquidity even while LPing).

Rari Delays

That said, delays in Rari’s governance processes make it unlikely that we will be able to implement such a program until after the current program is likely to end.

With that in mind, we now need to identify alternatives for liquidity programs, or, as some community members have discussed, the potential for a small gap in incentives as Rari redeploys their pools.


Please comment with what you’ve thought about the current Uniswap-v3 program. Have you enjoyed it? Have you felt that it was fair? Have you felt that it was hard to understand?

Alongside these thoughts, please feel free to suggest alternatives, and in general what you think the future of SWIV liquidity might look like!

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I like the sound of the Uniswap-v2 program having access to some liquidity while LP-ing. I needed liquidity during the Uniswap-V3 program and the only way to get it was to completely unstake. It would be cool if I didn’t have to do that.

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Please send more details about Uniswap-v3. I think many alternative and high potential projects exist now.

With volume so low in V3 I doubt we require any incentives for liquidity at this point. The volume and price are too low, better for the team to focus on other things and leave the community to trade if they want to.

Movin this on to the proposal stage due to time concerns!

Given there have been a handful of development priorities (the Rari hack put a lot of stress to recover from, and also has meant we needed to prioritize Swivel v3 and new integrations), we haven’t had the time to fully analyze competitive liquidity provision strategies on Uni v3 such as xToken, visor, charm, etc.

That said the options will attempt to reflect everyone’s comments in context of the communities’ technical bandwidth and we’ll push up a new program ASAP!