SWIV Token Liquidity Incentives

SWIV token launches next week, just hoping to see whether the team or community has any ideas for establishing an initial liquidity base?

Olympus Pro?


This is a great question with 3-10 looming!

First things first, we dont want to commit to any liquidity incentive scheme without the support of the community.

That said I actually also gave my opinion quite a bit on my ETHDenver panel: Liquidity Games - Panel featuring Andrew Thurman, Mounir Benchemled and more... - YouTube

My conclusion is that there are really a few directions you can go.

A: Olympus Pro for some minor community building
B: Uniswap v3 alongside uniswap-v3 staker for maximal efficiency of emissions (at the cost of community building)
C: Traditional Uni v2 or Sushiswap LP program
D: Something like an incentivized charm or visor uni v3 deposit

Personally I think B is the way to go, but really would love to hear others thoughts on all this

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Oh by the way heres a reference to some issues PoolTogether had with their Olympus Pro program:

Iā€™d personally go with uni v3 , got used to it :blush:

Prefer option B.

Prefer option B.

I admit that I am not as experienced in technical details as the developer team. However, I would say that option B is more plausible since it sounds more familiar and sounds to have a lower risk.

B:Uni V3 start here

Although I fantasized about the first Binance :joy:

i choose B. Thank you very much !

would prefer option B.

I perfer planB! :blush:
And we can stake SWIV-ETH LP in uniswap to improve liquildity incentives.

follow the team!choose B!

Option B is better i guess less risky

Lol sounds like its pretty ubiquitous that we should be going with option B assuming approval!

Ill move this over to the proposal section and start up a snapshot so everyone can vote as they claim their tokens!